Chilly Breeze Beneath a Fair Sky

Flurries this morning were courtesy of a strong band of lake-effect snow streaming off Lake Ontario, traversing upstate New York and surviving the trip with at least a few flakes all the way into northern Massachusetts before dry air finally squashed them out.

As dry air continues to take hold of New England a fair sky prevails with snowflakes last to depart from the mountains of Vermont this afternoon. A busy westerly wind, gusting as high as 40 mph at times, will create a wind chill value in the 30s at the warmest time of the day before the gusts quiet noticeably after about 3:15 p.m., according to our exclusive, in-house 15-minute forecast guidance.

Though gusts may quiet, a breeze persists overnight as it shifts direction to blow from the southwest, carrying milder air into our region — holding temperatures in the 20s and 30s overnight, then teaming with sunshine to boost highs into the middle and upper 50s Tuesday afternoon.

The milder air will aid in ensuring our next weather system — a cold front and attendant weak storm center Wednesday — will remain almost entirely in the form of rain, save for some brief mixing with snow near the Canada border.

Of course, Wednesday is a big travel day, so the forecast of rain east and showers west, morning to mid-afternoon, will mean a slower go for many before the rain departs by late day and evening, giving way to a stretch of bright and cool weather for most of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

The next chance of showers arrives with another cold front Sunday, delivering a new shot of chilly air to start next week in our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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