New England

Chilly Start Then Peeks of Sun

Clouds will overtake the area today as low-level moisture sneaks underneath a big bubble of high pressure. These are notoriously fickle cloud decks — at times they blot out the sun entirely, while in others they let in the rays (or even bright sun for a few hours).

What's certain that is if you get caught under them, there's no "burning through" them with the sun. It's just too weak this time of year. For that reason, we herald the arrival of the solar winter today.

These are the shortest days of the year and will last until the end of January. Shadows are long all day and the sky is easily blotted out by even partly cloudy conditions.

In the near term, however, warmer temperatures are on the way. Southwest winds will turn on New England and bounce us back to the 60s both Thursday and Friday.

While the weekend sees us turn the temperatures and the clocks back, I suspect there will be warmer days early next week. Overall, the pattern remains quiet with simple timing issues on frontal passages. As a result, showers will be spotty and elusive.

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