City Councilor Thinks Company May Be Exploiting Explosion Victims

Lawrence City Councilor Marc Laplante is calling on the Massachusetts state attorney general’s office to investigate a company that sells camping showers on Amazon.

He said the price of the hose-like devices jumped by 50 percent in a matter of hours amid increasing demand.

He said it made him “totally outraged.”

Laplante, who’s organizing an effort with his wife, Susan, and their neighborhood association to purchase and distribute the showers for those left without hot water in the wake of the Sept. 13 gas explosions, said the price of the devices spiked by $10 shortly after they placed their first order on Wednesday.

“I’m going to let the attorney general’s office know that I’ve got some serious concerns regarding how this is impacting people who I represent here in Lawrence,” Laplante said. “It’s unconscionable that a company would seemingly take advantage of it, and it’s worthy of an investigation.”

The devices, which allow someone to take a traditional shower using water from a bucket, were originally listed for $19.99, Laplante said.

But he said on Sunday, after his wife called Amazon to rush the order, the price jumped to $29.99.

“That price went up almost overnight to $30 after there was an apparent demand,” he said.

The showers are sold by a company called Skywin.

“Are they profiteering because of our problems here on our city?” asked Laplante. “And, if so, is that lawful?”

On Sunday, the showers were sold out on Amazon.

Neither Amazon nor the state attorney general’s office could be reached for comment.

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