Cloudy Morning Will Turn to Rainy Afternoon for Region

Two weather systems will converge to bring rain to New England by sunset and overnight Tuesday.

We have another chilly morning with temperatures again near freezing in the far north, to near 50 degrees at the south coast. It’s jacket weather at the bus stop, but we have many hours of good weather to work outdoors before we turn wet.

The same front that caused the tornadoes in the deep south Sunday night, and more severe weather Monday night, is pushing rain in from the west after dark.

Plus, the system formally known as Tropical Storm Nestor went south of New England and weakened Monday. It is now a wave of low pressure that’s actually going toward the northwest, bringing some rain to the south coast by mid-and-late afternoon.

The two systems combine right over New England Tuesday night with some heavier downpours possible, a few of us may see an inch or more of rainfall, but most of us get 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Temperatures will be holding in the 40s and 50s Tuesday night.

Wind for the most part Tuesday and during the night is from the east at 10 to 20 mph, a little stronger at the shoreline. But nothing like the wind of the last two storms.

Rain will end for most of New England by sunrise Wednesday, though we still have a few hours of wet weather in the state of Maine. It will turn into a nice day for most of us with temperatures in the 60s and plenty of sunshine, with a bit of a breeze from the west.

High pressure to the south offers up a nice Thursday for most of us. However, another front from Canada will bring clouds, and possibly a few showers to far North Western New England later in the day. High temperature again will be in the 60s and a wind from the southwest may gust to 30 mph in the afternoon.

That front will be over us with a wave of low pressure coming through on Friday, along with a chance of occasional rain, possibly getting cold enough for rain to mix with or change to snow again for our Friday night in the tallest of mountains. Temperatures will be cooling into the 50s and 40s later Friday.

Though it is not with the highest confidence at this point, it looks like the weekend it does turn nice.

We expect high pressure from southeastern Canada to come in with a good amount of sunshine by Saturday afternoon, sticking around for Sunday with cooler weather, high in the 50s this weekend.

Stay tuned to our First Alert 10-Day Forecast for the latest developments.

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