Coastal Communities Face More Flooding During High Tide

Coastal communities were beginning to clean up Friday's damage after a nor'easter slammed New England when high tide returned on Saturday.

Saturday morning, those communities, including Scituate and Salisbury, were bracing for the next high tide at noon.

When noon came, Salisbury was flooded for the third time in 24 hours. Walls of sand erected by Salisbury emergency officials were no match for the tide.

Officials have asked residents to stay off the roads.

Areas close to the beach were closed to traffic Saturday with officials asking the public to move as far away as possible from affected or flooded areas.

At Salisbury Beach, there is damage to nearby businesses. 

Salisbury police video from Friday showed water from the high tide at midnight tearing apart store fronts and flooding condos near the beach.

Salisbury residents told NBC10 Boston this is one of the scariest nor'easters they have ever had to ride out.

"Seeing the water come over the walls..,as really creepy," said Salisbury resident Christy LeBron.

Mark Sotiropoulos of Salisbury said Friday's storm was "probably the scariest nor'easter that I've ever felt."

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