Coastal Storm Could Clip Region, Snow Possible in High Elevations

Monday and Tuesday will be colder than the weekend since high pressure will build in and skies will be sunny.

By Tuesday, temperatures begin to moderate. However, it will stay in the 40s along the coast.

A coastal storm will come very close to the region by Wednesday. It appears the Cape and Islands may see some significant rain. If the storm tracks a bit farther west, heavier precipitation will also shift west. It is still possible that we could see some wet snow in the higher elevations.

Once that storm exits, the weather will remain unsettled through the end of the week and even into next Saturday. At this point, it doesn’t appear any of those days will be a washout, but garden variety showers will be possible.

Sunday looks like the pick of next weekend. Skies will be sunny and temperatures will reach the mid-60s.

The following week does look much warmer again. It’s too early to discuss specifics, but 70 degrees warmth could be possible. Stay tuned!

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