Cold Takes A Hit

Highs managed to crest just above freezing in some parts of Southern New England today. Northern New England wasn't as lucky, but there too the cold days are numbered.

A weak low pressure system is zipping by tonight with little more than clouds and a light breeze. That's enough to stir the air and keep us from freefalling overnight. It also gives us a platform to bounce into the 30s and 40s tomorrow.

There's another quick-moving storm on Thursday that may produce a period of light snow in Northern New England. Fret not, temperatures are marginally cold, and amounts will be limited north of the Massachusetts border. Across Southern New England, the air should be mild enough for mostly showers, but we're so limited with moisture that the greatest threat they pose is a passing shower.

Our "extended thaw" looks like it will stretch at least into the new year. With the very cold air bottled up near the arctic, 40s - and a handful of 50s - should be in play. Watch yourself on the ice... it will be thinning in the next 10 plus days.

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