Collection of Prince Items Up for Auction Through Boston-Based Company

Clothing, handwritten notes and a Versace walking cane are among items up for grabs

The late, great pop-icon Prince lives on through his music, but in Amherst, New Hampshire, we’re seeing a side of the star we’ve never seen before.

A collection of Prince’s personal items is up for auction online through a Boston-based company called RR Auction. The collection is at the company’s New Hampshire warehouse.

It includes a custom-made Versace walking cane that embodies Prince’s trademark flair. It’s a rare look at the icon’s life behind the fame.

“Like grocery lists, and notes, ‘send this here, get me this, don’t disturb me,’ really neat stuff,” explained RR Auction Executive Vice President Bobby Livingston.

The company, known worldwide for selling pop culture memorabilia, got this collection from Prince’s assistants and tour managers.

“They have things you typically wouldn’t be able to get,” Livingston explained.

Other items include handwritten notes penned in purple ink and Prince’s favorite polka dot vest.

“Look how small and thin he was,” Livingston explained as he held the vest.

Among the more sought after items are Prince’s lace, beaded blouse from his 1986 film “Under the Cherry Moon” and a custom made white wool jacket with traces of the star’s stage makeup.

The musical genius, famous for his flamboyant fashion and extravagant performances, is now leaving his mark in a more personal way.

“When someone has passed away and you can hold these things, it really to me is life,” Livingston said. “He wanted to be remembered for his work and this is part of his work.”

The highest bid right now is $10,500 for the cane, but there are hundreds of other items in the collection. Bidding ends Thursday.

To see the entire collection, visit the RR Auction website.

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