Connecticut Humane Society Helps Pets in Disaster Areas

Multiple explosions that rocked three different Massachusetts communities last week forced people and pets to evacuate. The Connecticut Humane Society sent four specially trained animal handlers up there to help.

“The MSPCA has a crisis on their hands,” said Gordon Willard, Executive Director of the Connecticut Humane Society. “I think they brought in over 100 animals in a short period of time, and they just didn’t have the where for all to take care of them.”

Meantime, another animal crisis is unfolding in the Carolinas.

“It breaks my heart,” said Sue Shatz, of West Hartford.

“It’s sad because for a lot of people, they are their children,” said Hilary Pohley.

The Connecticut Humane Society is on standby.

“Our team from Massachusetts should be back by the end of the week,” Willard said. “They’ll get a little rest, and then we’ll see what they need in the south.”

In the short term, animals will need specialized care. Long term, the effects are still unknown. It’s possible that more animals from Carolinas could end up in Connecticut shelters.

“You have animals that are running at large anyway,” Willard said. “Then you have the animals that were in homes that could not be evacuated. How quickly those people can be rehomed and how whether they can take their animals back is a question.”

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