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Connecticut State Police Run Into Former Polish President After He Gets a Flat Tire

Connecticut State Police

Connecticut State Police had quite the surprise when they were called to help someone with a flat tire today!

Troop C was called to Interstate 84 in Tolland to help a driver, who turned out to be the former president of Poland.

Police said they were greeted by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Lech Welesa, who is the first ever president elected by popular vote in Poland.

Welesa was in Connecticut advocating for Ukrainian refugees who have fled to Poland. While here, he met with the World Affairs Council of Connecticut and Governor Lamont's office.

State trooper Lukasz Lipert, as pictured above, helped Welesa with his flat tire while also getting the chance to talk about the history of Poland, his native country.

"You never know who you'll meet as a state trooper!" police said.

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