Cool March Transitions to Warm April

Saturday, April 29th marks the fourth time that Boston has climbed above 80° this season

Do you remember how cold it was back in March? It was the coldest month of the winter… actually it was the coldest month since January of 2016! Currently, we are on track to have the WARMEST April since 2012! The average temperature (so far) is 50.2°. We are 2° above average for the month – doesn’t seem like much, but that IS significant.

Today (Saturday, April 29th), marks the fourth (4th) time that Boston has climbed above 80° this season. I looked back at the last 25 years (a quarter century) and through April 29th THAT is the greatest number of times. Out of the last 25 years, Boston never hit 80° 10 times, including the previous 4 years! There was no 90° warmth, which has only happened twice – in 2002 and 2010. The highest temperature was 93° and that was April 17, 2002.

We will look back at April a bit more in tomorrow’s blog.

As far as the forecast – the wind direction changes from off-shore to on-shore during the day on Sunday (and Monday). Water temperatures are between 45° and 50°. Coastal communities will stay in the 50s both Sunday AND Monday. If you live inland, temperatures will be pleasant in the 60s.

Temperatures over the remainder of the 10 day forecast period look to level off in the low 60s. I’m not expecting any washout, but we should see plenty of showers, which will be great for your lawns and gardens.

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