Jose Moves Out on First Day of Fall; Maria Watch Begins

Jose is still churning off the coast, but is waning and retrograding as it has weakened to a Post Tropical Cyclone. Rain bands are still wrapping around, spreading farther west Friday evening compared to Thursday. Showers reach as far west as Worcester and continue to remain scattered for the Cape, the Islands, Boston, southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Overnight Friday, temperatures slide into the 50s south under mostly cloudy skies, 40s in far northern New England under mostly clear skies. It will be a grey start to the day Saturday, but as Jose continues to release his grip from southeastern New England coast, the clouds will start to clear from west to east, but it will be a slow clearing with the Outer Cape and Nantucket spending most of the day under mostly cloudy conditions.

The wind will also taper gradually through Saturday afternoon. With sunshine returning to most of New England, Jose sliding further out to sea, high pressure sliding in, temperatures will rise quickly from west to east with highs into the 80s inland, 70s at the immediate coast.

Sunday ushers in another warm day with highs into the mid to upper 80s and a tad humid. These summer-like temperatures return after fall officially kicked off at 4:02 p.m. Friday, and the warmth sticks around for at least the start of the next work week before a front slides in from the northwest, ushering in a cool-down and some showers.

Some showers late week could be associated with Hurricane Maria, the Cat. 3 Hurricane that is expected to weaken as it slides parallel to the eastern seaboard though Tuesday night. The timing of Hurricane Maria and the cold front that slides in midweek will be key to seeing if Maria will either get kicked out by our cold front or bring us more rain.

Stay tuned for updates as we enter the last week full week of September.

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