Cool With Showers Next Several Days

The large weather system that brought heavier rain Friday and Saturday, has weakened and stalled over New England.

It's a pool of cool up in the sky that is just spinning around and around for most of the upcoming week.

That means the weather does not change much from day to day. Cold air up in the sky creates instability showers off and on especially the next two days.

For most of New England, the showers are more off than they are on. That means a few sunny breaks with temperatures close to 60 degrees today. Trending to be cooler much of the week with highs generally in the 50s and low temperatures near 40 degrees.

It is cold enough that some of our mountain tops will be coated with snow the next few days.

And with sunshine and rain showers in the forecast, we are likely to see more rainbows again toward sunset today and the next two days.

Most of the rain showers are fairly light, although they can be briefly moderate with a chance of some small hail too.

By Wednesday and Thursday the air should dry out enough that we have most of the day without any showers, just a few sprinkles with a bit more sunshine mid week.

There's also a slow-moving upper-level low pressure system near southern California. That will eventually cut free and cross the nation arriving on the east coast next weekend.

It is a forecast challenge whether that system wants to come north and bring us more wind and rain for next weekend or stay south allowing us to have a bright and seasonable weekend.

Seasonable for this time of year it is high temperature in the low and mid 60s. But for most of the week we're going to run a little cooler than that. The pollen count remains high, but fortunately it's not too windy so pollen is not too stirred up.

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