New England

Cooler Temperatures With Coastal Clouds and Fog for Wednesday

A bank of clouds and fog in eastern New England Tuesday morning was the result of lingering moisture from a sea breeze Monday which means we’ll see a renewed sea breeze developing later in the day.

In the immediate term, this means significantly cooler temperatures at the coast than the interior, with a spread from 50s at the beaches to 70s inland, but the demise of early clouds and fog means sunshine for all.

Overnight, a light onshore wind will continue, meaning clouds and fog will fill in again, this time likely for even more of eastern and southern New England by Wednesday morning, limiting visibility for the morning drive, taking hours to burn off and probably hovering close to the immediate seashore through the day, posing a hazard of low visibility for mariners through the day.

A disturbance zipping east of New England should graze Cape Cod with some showers overnight Wednesday, but the vast majority of us will wait for a different disturbance approaching from the west to arrive with an attendant cold front Thursday evening and night.

Any showers would be scattered and last only a few hours into Thursday night before moving out for a fresh shot of cooler, dry air Friday.

This weekend, a clash of the new, cool air and returning milder air will set up over New England, raising the chance of showers on both weekend days and perhaps becoming a period of more organized rain, though when and where that sets up is yet to be determined, based upon the placement of the front.

Next week looks a bit milder than this week in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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