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Cooper Manning Talks About Second Season of NBC's Hit Reality Game Show

The 'Capital One College Bowl' game show puts some of the biggest college rivalries to the test.

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Colton Bradford talks with Cooper Manning, co-host of NBC's 'Capital One College Bowl' game show, about all the surprises that are to come on season 2 of the show.

Manning says that, "Season two is always better than season one."

The show is bringing some of the nation's greatest colleges and universities together with a live audience and your typical game day festivities to face off in the ultimate battle of the brains.

What's so unique about this game show is that Capital One will be awarding $1 million dollars worth of life-changing scholarships to all students who participate in the competition.

You can watch the Capital One Collège Bowl on NBC on Fridays at 8:00PM.

Watch to Hear What Cooper Manning Thinks of the Upcoming Season.

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