Crazy Spring Warmth

Few spots reached for the 60s today: Fitchburg, Nashua, Hopkinton, Massachusetts. And today was just a sample of what's to come.

Warmer air is surging ahead of a cool front tomorrow. While clouds and fog may plague southeast Massachusetts in the morning, the rest of New England will be under a mix of sun & clouds. Southwest winds will separate the warm from the not-so-warm.

With the wind coming in off of water in the upper 40s, southeastern Massachusetts will be locked in the not-so-warm temperatures tomorrow. Highs here should struggle to make the low 50s, and with fog lingering into the afternoon, some may not even get that far.

Elsewhere, the sun will boost us into the 60s - mostly mid, but isloated spots may make the upper. Record to beat in Boston is 65, and in Worcester it's 61. Both are ripe for the picking.

After a stumble on Friday, the warmth is back again Saturday. This time it comes with wet weather... and higher humidity. It could be a recipe for late day storms (what season is this again??) as a cool front approaches.

Cooler - but still above normal - weather is back for Sunday on the heels of a gusty wind.

But that isn't the end of the mild air. We're still in spring mode next week and may make another run at the upper 50s by the Wednesday.

Now go dig out the barbeque!

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