Crews Work to Restore Power After Storm

A fast-moving storm that moved through Connecticut into Massachusetts Tuesday toppled a large tree in Auburn, Massachusetts around 6 p.m.

The tree brought down a mess of wires with it, knocking out power to all those who live in the area. 

“I heard a noise and then everything went black,” Ben Anderson said. "I thought something like this would never happen."

Jason Giard added, “It was bad, you couldn't see a thing out the window, the wind blowing, the rain, it was just white, I have never seen anything like that."

There was a similar story in nearby Worcester where driving rain and plenty of thunder and lightning.

“Just another day in New England I guess," Al Morin said. 

Another day in New England turned into a busy night, as crews were on scene late Tuesday night working to fix the damage. They said first they need to remove the tree, then they will rebuild the power pole and re-establish power lines. The hope was to get it done by midnight.

While there was work to do, everyone was grateful no one was injured.

“It was scary," Brandon Lopez said. "Thankfully no one got hurt and that's the most important thing, they'll fix what needs to be done."

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