CT Humane Society Heads to Houston for Animal Rescue Efforts

Four members of the Connecticut Humane Society are heading to Houston where they will help with the rescue and rehabilitation efforts for animals separated from their families during Hurricane Harvey.

“It’s something you can’t imagine going through, especially for people who had to make the choice to leave their pet and then come back for them later, and then hope for that reunification,” said Susan Wollschlager of the CT Humane Society.

Jenn Skelley is a veterinary technician and she will focus on animal medical needs. “I’m excited for the opportunity. I’m looking forward to representing something bigger than myself, and hopefully we can help,” Skelley said.

The other three, like Elizabeth Clavette, will focus on general care like helping feed, clean and comfort the animals.

“Any help, it makes a difference on animal life. Whatever you are doing – staying in the shelter, helping over here,” Clavette said.

They are all trained in animal emergency response and volunteered to use their skills the moment the Connecticut Humane Society was contacted to send help.

They will be in Houston for the next 10 days, working directly with animals who have been separated from their families, or who are currently in shelters.

Each of them says they’re prepared to do what they can to help these animals reunite with their families, and help sheltered pets find new ones

The CT Humane Society will also help to relocate some animals. Twenty dogs are heading to the Newington shelter, and should arrive Monday. They were all in shelters before this disaster and need loving homes. After the dogs each receive a medical check, they’ll be up for adoption.

The Connecticut Humane Society is fundraising right now to help pay for this trip, and possibly another one. Those interested in donating can click here for more information.

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