CT Transit Worker Arrested After Stabbing Caught on Camera

A CT Transit employee is facing assault and other charges after police say he slashed a bus passenger in the face.

The incident happened on Wednesday on a street in downtown Hartford.

A surveillance video shows two men involved in verbal altercation that eventually turned violent.

The passenger involved had been riding the bus with a woman and was pushing a stroller with two babies.

The group got into a disagreement with the bus driver over the bus fare and got off the bus, according to police.

As they got off the bus, an off-duty CT Transit employee, later identified by police as 35-year-old Elrado McKenley, got into and argument with the victim on the sidewalk.

The argument escalated into a physical fight and McKenley stabbed the victim in the face before walking away, according to police.

Hartford police used surveillance video from a local business to identify McKenley. He was arrested on felony assault charges, and two counts of risk of injury to a child.

CT transit officials say both McKenley and the driver of the bus, whose name they are not releasing, are suspended until they complete their own investigation.

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