No Apparent Criminal Intention in West Hartford Chemical Incident: Police

Police, crews from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and a private environmental service responded to a home in West Hartford to remove several chemicals.

Police responded to 19 Troutbrook Drive around 5:30 p.m. when a resident reported an unusual smell coming from her sink.

Responding crews discovered dozens of different chemicals in the basement, but did not identify the substances.

The homeowner told NBC Connecticut that a man who lives in the home is an amateur chemist who has collected chemicals for the past year.

The homeowner said she's been "fearful" about the amount of chemicals the 30-year-old had because they were stored in water, soda and Gatorade bottles.

Officials have not confirmed the homeowner's statement about the man being a science hobbyist or how the chemicals were stored.

Police did say officers are investigating and don’t think the resident intentionally committed any crime.

Crews from DEEP removed the chemicals and police evacuated Beachland Park so DEEP could prepare the chemicals to be transported. No chemicals were released in the park and the park was reopened on Wednesday night.

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