Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Bradley Airport After Engine Explosion

A Delta flight from Bradley International Airport destined for Atlanta had to turn around after an in-flight emergency.

Telemundo CT reporter Miguel Santiesteban, who was on board the plane at the time, said passengers heard what sounded like an explosion and a few minutes later the pilot announced they would be making an emergency landing due to an engine explosion. The plane returned to Bradley Airport.

Passenger Adina Gaughran described the scary moments.

"The lights all went off and you just - they kind of all of rocked and you heard the engine go off so it felt like we were just going to start sinking and crashing. I was waiting for the oxygen masks to come down," she said. "I was just thinking ‘OK they’re going to tell us everything’s going to be fine soon’ and then they didn’t say anything and I kept waiting and then all of a sudden the came overboard and just said ‘well something’s wrong, we don’t know what yet,’ And that was where it sort of got terrifying."

Airport officials said the aircraft landed safely and there was no impact to airport operations.

No one was hurt.

NBC Connecticut has reached out to Delta for more information.

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