Stolen Custom Motorcycle Found, Police Looking for Suspect and Other Stolen Bikes

Derry, NH police say five motorcycles have been stolen in recent weeks; they've recovered three so far, including an $85,000 custom Harley Davidson

Police in Derry, New Hampshire are closer to closing the case on several stolen motorcycles in the last couple weeks.

They’ve found three of the five stolen bikes, including one $85,000 custom Harley Davidson.

The owner of that Harley picked it up from the evidence garage at the Derry Police Department on Wednesday. Darryl Sargent hadn’t seen his beloved bike in four days.

“It was just heart wrenching,” said Sargent, whose motorcycle was stolen from his apartment on Friday.

“I paced my apartment for a good hour sick to my stomach,” he explained.

While most people see chrome pipes and a custom paint job, Sargent sees hard work and lots of memories.

“It’s my life, it’s my heart, it’s my soul, it’s the only thing I have like this,” Sargent said.

He and his best friend, John, started building the bike four years ago, but John died before they were done.

“I lost him two years ago,” Sargent said.

So, Sargent has continued the work alone in honor of his friend.

To lose it was to lose the last thing they had together.

“This was my everything, and I rode it every day,” Sargent said.

At $85,000, it’s the most expensive of the five motorcycles that have been stolen from Derry since Sept. 28.

Police have found three, including Sargent’s, dumped in the woods nearby without much damage.

“He was thrilled to have it back, we were thrilled to get it back for him, now we just need to catch the bad guy,” said Derry Police Capt. Vern Thomas.

And it seems detectives are getting closer to closing this case, and maybe closer to bringing the last two stolen Harleys home to their owners.

“It’d be nice to have a happy ending for all of us,” Sargent said.

Police say this was a poorly planned crime since custom bikes can’t be stripped for parts.

They’re hoping to make an arrest soon.

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