Caught on Video: Dog Ignites Fire at Family's Southwick Home

A family and fire officials hope to spread the word about fire awareness after a dog, while reaching for a pancake left on a stove, started a fire in a Southwick, Massachusetts home.

A home video recently captured the owner's dog helping itself to leftover pancakes on the stove while the owners were away.

Fire officials said a few minutes later, a fire was ignited on the gas stove.

Authorities said the dog had hit the ignition button on the stove, sparking the blaze.

Because the homeowner was connected to a monitored alarm system, they were able to call first responders right away and avoid severe damage.

The dog was not hurt.

Fire officials are advising people with children and pets to get safety covers for their stove controls.

"What an excellent demonstration of how alarm systems can not only save your home, but your four legged family members as well," Southwick Police Department said on Facebook.

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