2 Dogs Left Outside With No Water Die: Wallingford Animal Control

Two dogs left outside for several hours in the heat and died from heat stroke, Wallingford Animal Control said. 

"You always hear warnings of not leaving dogs in cars on hot days. We are sharing this story so that you will not leave your dogs outside in this heat for any length of time either," the animal control wrote on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

The dog was left outside by the family's nanny for several hours on Monday, when temperatures were well into the 90s, without any water, according to the post. 

Officials said the dog was "lifeless" when the owners got home. The owners immediately brought the pet to the veterinarian, who confirmed that the dog had suffered and died from heat stroke. 

"This dog was loved very much by her family. She was extremely well cared for and adored. We do not blame the adopters for this tragic event. However, the bottom line is that this pup lost her life, and it was 110 percent preventable," Wallingford Animal Control said.

Later in the day on Tuesday, the animal control reported that another dog died from apparent heat stroke. The second incident was unrelated to the first. 

"We want to educate the public and prevent this from happening again. Both of these dogs were young, healthy dogs. No dog is immune to heat," the Wallingford Animal Control wrote. 

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