Donations Flood in for Boy Whose Bike Was Stolen

Bristol bike

A Bristol boy whose bike was stolen has a new bike thanks to a man who turned to Facebook for help and the many people who came forward with donations. 

Wayne Kuharski, of Bristol, said he noticed a 12-year-old boy on his street who was riding an old bike that was falling apart. It had bald tires, no brakes and a loose chain, but the boy said he couldn’t afford a new bike. 

Days later, the boy was walking when Kuharski saw him, so he asked the boy if the bike broke.

It hadn’t, the boy said. Someone stole it. 

Kuharski was moved to do something to help, so he turned to Facebook and asked fellow Bristol residents if anyone could spare a used bike. 

He was overwhelmed by the response. 

Within 24 hours, several bikes were donated -- used and new. But that wasn’t all. People also donated cash to pay for a helmet and bike lock. 

"I also plan to fix up the other bikes I collected and I will be glad to donate those to anyone that needs a bike for a child," Kuharski said.

Then Kuharski made a special presentation and revealed the new bike. 

The camera was recording as the boy thanked him for the bike and gave his neighbor a hug. 

"He was quite thankful and happy at the same time. Even for 12, he got a little choked up, which made me know I made someone happy today,” Kuharski said. 

He planned to buy a new helmet and bike lock this week. 

“For all that helped in this and all the kind words, I thank everyone of you," Kuharski said. 

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