Driver Charged, 11 Students Injured in Wild School Bus Ride in Fall River

Kimberly Samson, 44, of Westport, is charged with negligent operation and 11 counts of child endangerment

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NBC10 Boston

A Massachusetts school bus driver is facing numerous charges after 11 students were injured following a wild ride on Thursday afternoon.

Kimberly Samson, 44, of Westport, is charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle and 11 counts of wanton and reckless endangerment of a child. No arraignment information was immediately available.

Fall River police said they began to receive reports around 4 p.m. for a school bus being operated erratically. They were able to locate the bus around 4:20 at the intersection of King Phillip and Tuttle streets.

The bus, which had students from the Argosy Collegiate Charter School on board, was found parked alongside the road, and there was no indication of any crash involving the vehicle.

Officers entered the bus and found 11 students complaining of minor injuries. They were transported to area hospitals for evaluation as a precaution and released to their parents later in the day.

Police said the driver, Samson, worked for the Fisher Bus Company, which is contracted by the charter school to provide transportation for its students.

Students who were on the bus told police Samson had missed several required stops at the beginning of her route to bring the children home. They said she continued driving, missing more stops along the way.

Numerous children asked Samson to stop the bus, but she continued to drive. Students on board then began contacting their families using their phones, which is when police were called.

Police said an adult bus monitor who was on board also witnessed this behavior and confirmed the "tumultuous" environment on the bus.

The bus was driving on King Phillip Street, approaching Tuttle Street, when Samson abruptly stopped it, causing the students to be forced forward. Police located the bus soon after.

The investigation is ongoing and police said witness statements and possibly even video evidence are being gathered.

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