Early Look: When Is the Next Chance for Snow?

With snow rapidly melting across New England Thursday, snow lovers are already looking ahead to the next chance of a storm. That holds off until next week.

It’s still very early at this point, but at some point next Tuesday, a storm is likely to move in from the Midwest.

As usual, the exact track of the storm will be key to determining if rain, snow, or a mixture falls around New England.

At this point, it looks like many other systems we have seen so far this winter. That is to say that we may start as some snow, before flipping over to rain or a wintry mix in Southern New England as the storm passes by and draws up some warmer air.

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With that in mind, the odds of several inches of accumulations is certainly highest across ski country in Northern and Western New England.

We’ll continue to monitor the system, so check back for more updates as we get closer.

If the storm tracks farther south, the odds of snow would increase in Southern New England. If it goes farther north, by contrast, even less snow would fall.

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