East Hartford School Employee Terminated for Alleged Inappropriate Snapchat Messages With Student

An East Hartford staff member has been terminated for allegedly sending a student inappropriate Snapchat messages.

A staff member was fired from her job as a substitute with the East Hartford Woodland School.

NBC Connecticut obtained the termination written to the employee, which says the woman was exchanging personal information with a student in one of the classes she was assigned to.

The letter claims she sent messages on Snapchat, a social media video and messaging app, to a male student.

The employee is accused of sending the student her home address, inviting the student over her house and asking the student not to tell his guardians that they were communicating. In addition, the letter said she sent messages during the school day when she should have been working. 

When the substitute was questioned about the allegations, she denied an interaction with the student through text message, according to school authorities. She also told school officials she was being set up and the text messages they had seen are fake. 

The termination letters said the school "did not find it credible that such messages could have been created by students," and that the personal information given wouldn't be known by others.

The staff member's termination was effective immediately.

East Hartford police said they are reviewing whether or not there is any criminal element to this matter.

NBC Connecticut stopped by the substitute teacher's home Friday and a woman who identified herself as a family member declined to comment.

Officials from the state Department of Children and Families said they are not able to disclose case specific information.

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