Holiday 2014: Eco-Friendly Gifts

Check out these green gifts for your eco-conscious loved one. Whether it's a repurposed wooden picture frame or jewelery, get them something they will love without hurting the environment.

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What could be more environmentally friendly than using real stones as ice cubes ? These are made from actual granite and don't water down your drinks like traditional ice cubes.
These Alex and Ani bracelets are not only chic, but the company that makes them reuses metals from local mills. Whether your loved one is eco-concious or not, these bracelets are sure to be their favorite new accessory.
Buying a real Christmas tree every year can get expensive and may not be so good for the environment. Instead, help your cco-concious friend or family member grow their own tree with this Christmas tree seed kit.
Products in this skincare set are free of parabens, petroleum, propylene, butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances, but still promise a youthful glow. They're cruelty free too.
Scarves are a quintessential holiday gift, but why not give one made from organic cotton. Made in the U.S., it comes in over a dozen different colors.
Anyone could get on board with this dopp kit made out of recycled seat belts. An eco-friendly traveler can feel good knowing this dopp kit is made in the USA and vegan.
These Smile Jamaica earbuds may be too good to be true: they block noise, have fabric covered cords and are made from natural materials and recycled plastics.
Though it's pricey, Jetson Electric Bike is a perfect mode of transportation for city or countryside that can save you money in the long run. It's green, super stylish and doesn't require a traditional license or registration.
Being vegan doesn't stop at just the food you eat. These vegan non-silk ties are ideal for the stylish man who also cares about the environment.
It's impossible to go through the day without charging something. This dual USB charger is made with eco-friendly materials.
Even dogs can play green reindeer games. This reindeer dog toy ,made from soft and sturdy eco-friendly material, is a great holiday gift for dog owners who don't want their canines chomping on synthetic materials.
Your iPad may not be green but that doesn't mean the case can't be. This plaid iPad sleeve is made from recycled bottles, making it water and stain resistant.
Gift this magnetic frame made from reclaimed tin and wood. Anyone can feel good that no trees were harmed in the making of this charming rustic frame.
This shaving kit is equivalent to 10 cans of shaving gels. The shaving soap is made from grapeseed oil, wine, pure aloe vera, honey and french clay packaged in 100 percent recycled materials.
For the organic foodie who's trying to do it all from scratch, this compost container is an easy way to deposit food waste and make soil for fresh vegetables.
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