E.Coli Concerns Prompt Onset Boil Water Order

Officials in Wareham, Massachusetts, issued a boil water order for the town's Onset area.

At the Stonebridge Bar and Grill, the alert wasn't exactly the Friday night special they had in mind.

"It definitely makes it more challenging," said the restaurant's owner, Justin Hadley. "It is already challenging to run a restaurant."

Problems started bubbling up in Onset a couple of weeks ago when residents started noticing some discoloration in the water, according to the water department.

Testing revealed one sample of water contained E.coli.

Repeat testing showed no E.coli, but there was enough bacteria to indicate there could be potential harmful pathogens in the water system.

Everyone in Onset was told they must boil water before drinking it or cooking with it.

Showers and baths are considered safe, as long as the water is not ingested.

At Stonebridge, the alert also means a bunch of changes, including club soda replacing tap water on the tables, and all the ice had to be thrown away.

"I'm going to have to figure out chilling fish tonight," said Hadley.

They'll bring in jugs of water at the restaurant, and about 200 pounds of new ice a day until the problem with Onset's water system is resolved.

The Onset Water Department will be flushing the water system, and they'll conduct new testing on Monday and Tuesday.

It's hoped the problem is resolved in about a week.

Water will be distributed on Saturday to local residents at the Onset Fire Department.

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