Effects of Dorian to Hit Parts of New England

With all eyes on a slowing Dorian in the Bahamas and its upcoming brush with Florida, we are following the train of rain pushing through New York and Western New England into Labor Day.

While downpours will start in Vermont and Northern New Hampshire early in the day, they eventually march south into the afternoon and evening. This may buy us a few hours of sunshine for the first part of the day, but whether or not it’s a beach day depends on your personal preference – highs upper 70s may not be enough to dip your toes in the sand. Speaking of those small doses of sun, we run the risk of boiling up some thunderstorms as well. Some may even get strong – or marginally severe - in some spots away from the coast in the afternoon and evening. Keep an eye to the sky for locally heavy rain and gusty winds.

All of it pushes offshore by Tuesday as a fresh, new airmass moves in with plenty of sun and light winds. Wednesday sees a return of some heat and humidity before a line of storms marches in with a cool front. Ironically, this is the front that eventually (give it a few days) may help transition Dorian over to more of what we call an “extratropical storm” in the long range.

Once we land on the cool side of this front – by Thursday & Friday - we’re going to settle for highs in the 60s and 70s. Fair trade in my opinion. It’s this very front will protect us from the direct effects of Dorian. Nonetheless, indirect effect like swells and heavy surf with beach erosion should arrive by Thursday of this week. Along with a round of showers by Saturday as the storm sweeps by.

Thereafter, it’s cool sailing with another fall-like airmass to follow. Summer does indeed seem like it’s drawing to a close.

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