East Boston Elementary School Student Tests Positive for Mumps

An elementary school student in East Boston tested positive for mumps, officials said Friday.

The Boston Public Health Commission confirmed that a third-grader at James Otis Elementary School had the illness, the principal said in a letter to the school community.

"We do not believe the student has come into close contact with any students in our school who are not vaccinated," Principal Paula Cerqueira-Goncalves wrote in the email. "It's important to note that the mumps can only be transmitted from one person to another through close contact."

The principal included a link to the BPHC's fact sheet on mumps.

Cerqueira-Goncalves added that nearly all of the school's students had shown proof of vaccinations.

"However, a very small number of students have only provided partial documentation on vaccinations, or have not provided any records," she wrote. "We are contacting these families to assist them."

Any parents unsure about their children's vaccinations were asked to contact their health care providers immediately.

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