Emotions Run High as 2 Schools in West Roxbury Face Closure

What to Know

  • West Roxbury High School and Urban Science Academy are facing a closure so officials can make renovations.
  • The proposal comes under the billion-dollar Build Boston Public Schools plan.
  • Parents say the closure would jeopardize their children's education and students protest the idea because they say it is unfair to them.

A proposal to close two Boston schools is under fire as parents who are protesting the idea say it will leave some children's education in limbo.

A heated debate was held Wednesday night at a school committee meeting in Roxbury, where students expressed that the proposal is unfair to them.

"I don't want to go into a new environment because West Roxbury and Urban Science Academy is my family, my community," one student said.

Under the billion-dollar Build Boston Public Schools plan, Urban Science Academy and West Roxbury High School would be closed for up to seven years as officials make renovations.

Mayor Marty Walsh insists the closure is necessary. Peeling paint, missing railings and leaky pipes could be seen in photos exclusively sent to NBC10 Boston.

While parents worry that moving schools will jeopardize their children’s class ranking and college scholarships, students are concerned that the proposal may tear them apart from their friends and may disrupt their education.

"Why is it that our opportunities, futures and communities are being taken away?" another student asked.

For now, BPS is trying to help students get ahead of this potential closure, allowing them to transfer immediately to other schools. Teachers will also receive support transitioning into new roles.

After officials present the first draft of the proposal on Monday, town hall meetings will be scheduled to receive more community input. A final vote will be held on Dec. 19 to determine the fate of both schools.

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