IKEA Discontinues “EXPEDIT” Shelf, Sparking Social Media Backlash

The announcement that IKEA will stop selling a shelf and replace it with a newer model has been met with a surprising uproar online.

IKEA’s “EXPEDIT” shelf is popular with record collectors and hundreds of them have shared their anger about the discontinuation on Twitter.

The beloved shelf will be replaced with the “KALLAX” once all the EXPEDITs sell out. The KALLAX "has the same internal sizes and uses the same internal fittings," with rounded edges, an IKEA spokesperson told the Huffington Post.

The news was announced on IKEA’s German Facebook page, but soon spread online to fans worldwide.

Many vinyl enthusiasts say the shelf stores record perfectly so they have started a Facebook campaign to save the wall unit. There are more than 20,000 supporters on the week-old German campaign. More than 1,000 supporters have signed on with the American version of the effort, which was launched Tuesday.

The shelf has other uses too. On the Facebook campaign, Martina Alcock wrote, “It is the only shelf that is perfect for 12x12 scrapbook albums!”

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