More Questions After Culturally Insensitive Student Party Near Fairfield University

Hundreds of students, staff and faculty at Fairfield University gathered behind closed doors for an on-campus conversation about a now infamous off-campus party. An investigation was launched at the university after some students reporter that a 'ghetto' themed party was held over the weekend.

“I do know that students were offended and hurt," said Fairfield University Student Association President Anif McDonald, referring to the off-campus party Saturday night. McDonald said that some students took their concerns to social media, claiming that party attendees were asked to dress in what they considered to be 'ghetto' style.

“We’re not really sure to what extent things happened because there’s really no photo proof of anything like that, but we do know that students did voice their concerns," said McDonald. He said that students he spoke with had felt offended by what they had read online; and not offended by what they necessarily saw at the party. "That’s what really sparked the negative impact," he said.

Since then, the story has gained national attention, fueled mostly through social media.
A university spokesperson said there are few details about what happened at the off-campus party.

“We do know that there was a party on Saturday night," said Teddy DeRosa, Associate Director of Public Relations & Community Relations. "We have no confirmation that it was a themed party," she said. "There were also some reports that students were dressed in some kind of theme and we also have no confirmation of that.”

Still, the school refers to the incident as 'culturally insensitive' and has since launched an investigation. DeRosa said law enforcement is not involved in the investigation. No student is facing any disciplinary action at this time, she said. Interviews with students who may have attended the off-campus party are being conducted, according to DeRosa.

“We just want to make sure we have all the facts and all the correct facts," DeRosa said.
It is unclear how long the Office of Student Affairs investigation could take.

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