Feels Like Fall in New England with All Eyes on Florida

The weather across New England will remain fairly constant this weekend, with chilly mornings and cool days.

Lows each day will start in the 40s and 50s, only warming to the 60s and low 70s during the afternoon.

While the early part of each day will boast plenty of sunshine, clouds will bubble up each afternoon. A few spotty showers and downpours will also pop off, but those will be few and far between.

Clouds and any showers will fizzle after sunset each day.

Early next week temperatures will boost into the 70s and around 80 as high pressure scoots to our east.

Eventually a few clouds and a couple of showers, associated with the remnants of Irma, will approach for mid-week.

By then the storm will be nothing more than a hint of what it is now—a major hurricane bearing down on Florida. Impacts will be most severe in the Florida Keys and along the state’s west coast.

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