Brighton Family Pleads for Return of Girl’s Stolen Wheelchair

Maliyah's parents haven't told her the wheelchair is gone just yet -- they don't want her to worry. But she will need it tomorrow when she goes to camp. But they have been worried ever since they discovered that it has gone missing since outside their Brighton home Friday.

Her parents checked with neighbors to see if anyone saw it being taken.

"I started called people asking if they had it, if they moved it," said her mother Gabriella Rodriguez. "I went through the basement to see if somebody brough it in."

The loss hits hard because the wheelchair is essential to helping Maliyah, who has cerebral plasy, get anywhere she wants to go.

"It's tragic what happened -- it makes me angry," said her father, Keith Roberts. "That somebody would come and steal a wheelchair from a child. It's clearly a children's wheelchair. It's specially designed for her."

The family pleaded with whoever might have taken the wheelchair to return it.

"We all just want it back. Come in the middle of the night and just drop it off," said her grandmother, Marina Rodriguez. "Leave it in the driveway where it was to begin with. That's all. She can't get around without it."

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