Feds Probing If Nashville Bomber Believed in Lizard People Conspiracy

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Investigators are exploring several conspiracy theories as potential motives behind the Christmas Day bombing of an AT&T building in Nashville, including evidence that the suspect, who died in the bombing, believed in lizard people and a so-called reptilian conspiracy, two senior law enforcement officials told NBC News Wednesday.

Authorities have been probing the digital devices of Anthony Quinn Warner – which one official says comprises a significant trove of pictures, videos, and writings – since Saturday looking for any clues on what drove the man to set off a powerful bomb inside his recreational vehicle that took down communications networks and injured several people in downtown Nashville.

Specifically, investigators are looking into the suspect’s previous trips to an undisclosed location in Tennessee where he would camp out in his RV and according to the suspect’s statements to others, hunt possible aliens, the officials said.

In addition, investigators are aware of statements the suspect made about an internet conspiracy that powerful politicians and Hollywood figures are actually lizards or other reptiles who have extraterrestrial origins and are taking over society, the officials said.

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