Few Breaks of Sun Before Next Storm Moves In

Mother’s Day was a doozy. Rain came early and often, along with some surprise snow in Western Massachusetts. Monday dawns with plenty of promise, then ends with plenty of disappointment.

Few breaks of sun are possible as one storm system pulls away before the next moves in. Temps should recover to the low and mid-50s, but the clouds will tighten up in the afternoon and the rain sweeps in toward sunset. Steady rain is possible overnight as the storm strengthens offshore.

As it does, colder air may be drawn in from aloft and the north, switching some rain over to snow in the higher elevations of western and northern New England. Some flakes are even possible in the higher elevations of central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire!

Thankfully this storm is progressive, which means the rain tapers Tuesday and some sun returns – albeit slowly – on Wednesday. Don’t expect the temps to spring back to normal (or even above) right away, however. That may take until late week as the pattern eases just enough to insert more sun into the forecast.

Long range signals all show more of the same in the coming week to ten days. There’s not much to budge the block over the Arctic (a big player in this persistent pattern, believe it or not) and the cold in the northeast and southeast Canada.

Perhaps by Memorial Day weekend we can get a good hold on a light at the end of the tunnel.

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