Firefighters Battled Flames at Condo in Winchester

Firefighters battled flames at a condo on Riverton Road in Winchester,  along with the horrible heat and humidity on Thursday. 

"It was difficult in the beginning for the first crews," said Deputy Chief Curt Mongeau, of the Winsted Fire Department.

Firefighters report a gas grill on a porch had caught on fire and that spread to the condo. Thankfully two people inside were able to get out safely.

Fighting the flames took lots of crews and bottles of water to make sure firefighters were OK.

"We have water, hydrated. We cycled crews in and out regularly," said Mongeau.

Doctors say drinking enough fluids and taking breaks is good advice for anyone in this type of heat and humidity, especially those doing something strenuous.

They also caution those who have trouble breathing to avoid the outside as much as possible.

"We try to say to people, stay out of the heat if you can, use your air conditioning. Go somewhere where you can use air conditioning: the library, the mall, the movie theater, the grocery store. Try to stay cool," said Dr. Michelle Petrucelli, of the Hartford Hospital Emergency Department.

Thankfully, all the water and breaks paid off for firefighters in Winchester and there were no reports of any of them being hurt.

The flames were out in about 20 minutes and all the fire damage appears to be limited to the one condo.

"This was an end unit. No other fire got into the next one," said Mongeau.

People in the neighboring unit are expected to stay elsewhere for at least a night because of smoke damage.

Firefighters say this is also a good reminder to be careful while grilling.

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