Five Years Pass Since the Disappearance of 19-Year-Old in Hartford

Friday will mark the five-year anniversary of the disappearance of Angel Garcia, who was last seen riding his dirt bike in Hartford on Oct. 21, 2010.

Garcia's mother, Laura Otero-Suazo, is praying for a miracle and asking the Connecticut community for help.

"Please help, come forward and don’t let this die," Otero-Suazo said.

Her then 19-year-old son was last spotted on a stolen red dirt bike near Colt Park in Hartford.

"(He) was with his friends, then all of a sudden he left on his own, which is something that he never, never does and that was the last of him," Otero-Suazo said.

It's been 1,825 days since the mother last spoke to her son. 

"Not on Facebook, his bank accounts or social security. Nothing. No activity whatsoever," Otero-Suazo told NBC Connecticut. 

Otero-Suazo said as far as she knows, her son didn't have ongoing problems with anyone. 

Friends and family are still praying for Garcia's safe return.

"I will never - until my last breath - never let go of that hope, never, never. My instinct as a parent tells me he is still alive," Otero-Suazo said.

Describing the mother's shattered heart isn’t easy.

"Sometimes, I fantasize and I live in this make-believe world that is out there, hanging out and he’ll be home later on and I know it’s not real," she said.

Tips to police, Otero-Suazo says, haven’t seen success.

"False leads, that’s all they’ve gotten. I admire Detective Anthony Rykowski. He’s been very good. On case since start. To this day, makes sure he calls me on a monthly basis," she said.

Otero-Suazo has one last plea for the public.

"Please help me. You don’t have to give your name, or your information, just a hint," she said.

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