Fog Burns Off to Sun

Watching Jose for Mid-Week

We remain on the warm and rather sticky side of the weather front here in New England, but most eyes are on the tropics where we have three named storms.

Tropical storm Lee, on the other side of the Atlantic is no threat. Tropical storm Maria is becoming a hurricane, likely battering the Caribbean Islands the next few days, and Hurricane Jose is meandering over the open water well south of New England.

Michael Page is handling specifics on Jose today so I will stick more to the New England weather.

The most wide spread dense fog of the entire year was slow to burn off this morning. We often see this kind of weather when there is a tropical cyclone meandering off to our south. It just means that we are on the sticky side of the weather pattern, with high humidity and fairly light wind at all levels of the atmosphere.

We expect high temperatures to warm past 80 degrees well away from the shore again this afternoon under a mix of sun and clouds. Closer to the coast, high temperatures in the 70s with a fog bank hanging along the beach or just offshore. Wind is fairly light and variable, with local onshore components.

High-pressure is under control for the most part with very little steering current happening. But a little bit of Irma's remnant is also lingering over our head.

That leaves just enough moisture and instability for a scattered shower here or there this afternoon. Fog will become locally dense again overnight with temperatures falling into the 60s.

Tomorrow is fairly similar with fog giving way to partial sunshine, wind from the east 10 to 20 miles per hour at the south coast late in the day. High temperatures 80 degrees north, 70s south.

Tuesday the weather remains dry and unseasonably warm in the western and northern New England. Similar temperatures except for along the southern and eastern coast of New England, where we hold in the 60s to near 70.

Rain may develop late in the day along I-95 in from eastern Massachusetts to New York City.

Jose is expected to weaken to a tropical storm remaining a couple hundred miles off the south coast. It's likely the storm becomes more of a nor'easter impacting southeastern New England with gale to storm force wind, and 10 to 15 foot seas that may cause significant coastal erosion.

Wednesday looks very similar west and north but with storminess near the shore.

Later in the week we get back into the same pattern we're in now, with a mixture of sun and clouds, night time fog and high temperature in the 70s to near 80 degrees.

We will also have to keep an eye on Hurricane Maria which is impacting the Caribbean south of where Irma passed.

Maria could threaten the East Coast in 10 to 15 days. With a little change in the steering currents we remain warmer than normal with an eye on the tropics here in New England.

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