Frozen Cars and Floating Dumpsters: Top 10 Social Media Moments From Thursday’s Snowstorm

The storm hit us hard, but there is always Twitter to keep us warm

The first snowstorm of 2018 turned out to be a nasty one as it tore through New England on Thursday. A total of 18 inches of snow was expected to fall as hurricane-force winds and coastal flooding blasted the region.

Many people were left in their homes with time on their hands, and what better way to escape the cold than with a social media binge.

Here are the top social media moments we collected from the blizzard.

10. The New England Patriots showed that there are truly no days off:

9. We got a look at what the storm looked like from space:

8. The flooding was so bad that it carried dumpsters away in Boston:

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7. Flood waters even creeped into an MBTA station:

6. Cars were literally stuck frozen in ice:

5. Most people gave up on going outside altogether:

4. But some braved the weather for their New Englander neccesities:

3. Of course, dogs were stoked to play in the snow:

2. Many southerners got their first their first taste of snow:


1. The Force was with some dedicated folks as they shoveled:

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