Friday Showers Ending Our Week, Thunder Possible

The system responsible for several days of severe weather in the south is turning north Friday.

Showers arrive early Friday morning in western and southern New England, and are spreading rapidly northeastward.

Because we are on the north side of a warm front, the wind is from the east and we’re cool Friday. That should prevent any severe weather.

So, the day is pretty much chilly and damp. The exception is in Maine, where we have a bit of sun early, and the showers arrive late Friday.

As the warm front pushes across southern New England Friday night, the wind and temperature will increase. Temperature will rise to near 60 degrees in southern New England with winds from the south gusting past 40 mph. In addition, rain will become heavy at times with a few embedded strong thunderstorms.

Where it is still chilly in New Hampshire and Maine, it’ll be heavy rain. Possible river flooding may exceed 2 inches by Saturday morning.

Strong, low pressure will cross northern New England on Saturday. In front of the low-pressure system, rain continues in Maine. Behind the low pressure system, rain may change to snow in the mountain tops of New York and Vermont.

For southern New England, we should see some sunshine in the afternoon after a damp start. High temperatures for the day will happen in the morning near 60 degrees, then falling through the 50s into the 40s has wind increases from the northwest.

Most of us should be dry Saturday night, and chily with a low temperature in the 40s south and 30s north and gusty wind from the northwest. Yet another low pressure system is going to race out of New York into southern New England with another batch of rain developing by midday Sunday.

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It will be cold enough that the rain may change to snow in the hills. Temperatures on Sunday will be in the 50s, but falling back into the 40s when the rain arrives, perhaps falling into the 30s in the higher elevations.

It does not look like a big event, and should be out of here by early Monday. That will give us one dry next week, Monday, with sunshine we should make it into the 50s to lower 60s.

By mid-week, we’re looking at a series of coast to coast systems, one right after another with a chance of rain just about each day. It’s really difficult to time and estimate the magnitude, but it looks like a pretty wet week.

Stay tuned to our first alert ten-day forecast for the latest updates.

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