Friendly’s to Lower Prices for Select Restaurant Locations

Friendly's Ice Cream

The New England restaurant famous for their Jim Dandy’s, Conehead Sundaes, and Fishamajig sandwiches is lowering their prices.

Friendly’s has announced that all items at their Greater Springfield, Massachusetts, stores will now be available for under $8.

Along with the price changes, the restaurants will have 20 different meal options available for $5.55.

Friendly’s president and CEO John Maguire said that the lower prices were inspired by founders Prestley and Curtis Blake who had early success when the restaurant started in 1935 by offering double-dip cones for five cents.

Speaking of Prestley Blake, Friendly's has said that they will offer burgers for $1.03 on Nov. 15. That is because Blake will be celebrating his 103rd birthday.

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