Fruit Roll-Ups Brand Tells TikTok Users to Not Eat the Plastic in Their Products

The TikTok account for the brand responded to several viral videos that suggested people can eat the treat with plastic on if it is frozen.

General Mills

The Fruit Roll-Ups brand has entered the chat.

The TikTok account for the popular snack brand uploaded a video on Tuesday to debunk recent viral posts from users who said people can eat the snack without having to take off its plastic lining. Some users also suggested that there is actually no plastic on the product, and in videos document themselves eating the entire snack without appearing to remove anything.

In Fruit Roll-Ups' video, a woman is seen removing a Fruit Roll-Up from the freezer, and unwrapping it. As she bites in, the plastic lining becomes visible as it separated slightly from the food.


#stitch with @hollyberry09 legal is making me clarify that you should not attempt to eat plastic #fruitrollup

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A spokesperson for General Mills, the manufacturer of Fruit Roll-Ups, reiterated the brand's TikTok's message in an email statement to NBC News.

"While consumers can enjoy Fruit Roll-Ups in many fun ways, including frozen, they should always remove the plastic wrap before freezing or consuming the product," the spokesperson said.

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