George Washington and Martha: Together Again

It was a simple gesture — a birthday card — that brought them together. George Washington Toma and Edith Martha Rothman had never met, but they share a connection that led to a very special moment in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

George and "Martha" were both born Feb. 22, the same day as our nation's first president, George Washington. This year, Edith turned 100. George turned 90. She's a customer of George's appliance store in Weymouth. They had spoken on the phone years ago, but never met in person.

That changed on their birthday last week, and it's all because Edith decided to send George a card.

"You're George Washington and I'm Martha and we're both old," she recalled thinking. "Why don't I send him a birthday card to tell him George Washington and Martha are still around?"

George's son, also named George, saw the card and loved it so much, he gave a copy to all his employees at the appliance store.

George Sr. said when his son was telling him about it, he said he had to meet Edith.

"You fall in love with her right off the bat," he said.

They had an instant connection, remembering the years gone by, with Edith saying they had "the good days."

This year was a special birthday for both, now dear friends, thanks to their parents' patriotism.

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