Gloria Steinem at Women's Conference: Trump Is the ‘Harasser-in-Chief'

Hundreds of women and men came to the opening night of the Massachusetts Conference for Women to hear Gloria Steinem speak.

The feminist icon told the crowd Wednesday that sexual harassment is about power, not sex, and she said women are gaining their voices in a way that's never happened before.

The 83-year-old didn't not mince words on power and politics. On the national conversation about sexual misconduct, she pointed to the top.

"He's not the president," Steinem said of Donald Trump. "He lost by 10 million votes. I never called him president once, he's the harasser-in-chief and part of the reason, at this point, people are so frustrated."

The longtime activist for women's rights said Massachusetts had long played a key role in the feminist movement and gave praise to Republican Gov. Charlie Baker.

"Glad to be in a state where the governor helps keep us from seeing the Republican Party being taken over by the invasion of the body-snatchers," she said.

A line of women waited for a chance to meet or take a photo with Steinem, calling her a hero and a role model. But she told them not to make her an icon, saying everyone has to do their part in this movement.

"Don't listen to me, listen to yourself," she said. "You know what you love, what you care about, what you need, what you want to do. Find support for it and do it."

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