Going Nowhere: Tackling Transportation Issues in the Bay State

Boston's commuters often feel like they are "Going Nowhere." We spend hours sitting in traffic. We face ongoing train and bus delays. We even contend with congestion related stress and health challenges. That's why the NBC10 Boston Investigators are taking a critical look at our region’s transportation problems. What's slowing us down? How does it impact our quality of life? And what can be done to get Boston moving again?

Going Nowhere: How to Fix the Painful Worcester-Boston Commute

New England audiences can tune in to NBC10 Boston, Telemundo Boston and necn this New Year’s Eve to watch live coverage of "First Night Boston." Hosted by NBC10 Boston and necn anchors Phil Lipof, Shannon Mulaire, JC Monahan, Chris Emma, Kristy Lee and Nick Emmons, along with Telemundo Nueva Inglaterra anchors Grace Gomez, Pedro Castro and meteorologist Cecy del Carmen, viewers can once again watch six hours of family-friendly programming and coverage, including the parade, light shows, ice sculptures and fireworks.

Massachusetts' second largest city is working to improve transportation for commuters traveling to and from Boston. NBC10 Boston's Jeff Saperstone looks a recent report which highlights the city's transportation needs.

'Travel Stress': Exploring the Health Impacts of Traffic

Sitting in traffic can negatively impact our health. NBC10 Boston’s Wellness reporter Kristy Lee takes a look at “travel stress” and how it impacts your mind and body.

Sitting in traffic can negatively impact our health. NBC10 Boston’s Wellness reporter Kristy Lee shows us why and offer ideas for keeping our cool while sitting in traffic congestion.

Does DC Region Provide 'Congestion Pricing' Model for Boston?

One idea being considered to alleviate traffic is a concept called “congestion pricing.”

NBC10 Boston Investigator Ryan Kath traveled to Washington, D.C. to see if congestion pricing could be the answer to Boston’s traffic woes. It’s a program where drivers can buy their way into fast-moving express lanes, and the price of tolls change depending on the number of vehicles on the road. Has it helped reduce traffic along the Beltway and could it work here?

The Road Ahead: Boston's Master Plan to Improve Transportation

If you drive to work, your commute was probably too long. We take a look at how Boston is trying to get you moving again.

NBC10 Boston Investigator Karen Hensel walked the street of Boston with a transportation advocate to see how the City is doing in implementing its ambitious Go Boston 2030 plan. Part of that plan includes new protected bike lanes and pedestrian paths, intersection redesigns, and traffic signal advancements.

MBTA Working to Fix 'Deep Inequity' in Boston's Bus System

Critics say poor and black riders have been hurt the most by the problems on Boston’s buses.

While the MBTA gets the most attention, far more people use the region's bus system. Some experts say it's struggling to meet demand and stay on schedule and these challenges are disproportionately impacting the poor and people of color. NBC10 Boston Investigator Ally Donnelly explores the inequities in this part of the series and talks to the MTBA about their plans for improving service.

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