Gordo the Dog Fights to Keep Injured Leg

Dog captured the hearts of Angelenos when he was struck by speeding van during televised police chase.

Donations from across the country could mean the difference between four legs and three for one lucky dog who captured hearts when he was the unexpected victim of a televised police chase in South LA.

Gordo the Maltese-mix was struck by the driver of a white van involved in a high-speed pursuit, and despite injuries, veterinarians said Thursday the dog may get to keep all his limbs.

Though the runaway van’s rim sliced Gordo‘s right thigh, vets confirmed that Gordo did not suffer any organ or nerve damage.

"I haven't ever seen such a clean injury without nerve damage or bleeding," said Dr. Kim Carey. "I don't know if that rim was so hot it acted to cauterize or close up vessels with heat. Strange Injury."

Carey said Gordo's survival is surprising.

After he was hit by the car, Gordo limped home, and owner Santos Son said his children were the first to see the dog, covered in blood.

The injured pup was taken in a shoebox by a crying Son to Access Specialty Animal Hospital in Culver City, where he underwent surgery Thursday afternoon.

Gordo’s story spurred an outpouring of support.

Generous donations made it possible for Gordo’s owners to afford the expensive operation necessary to save Gordo’s leg.

Son said he is grateful for the response.

"He's going to be fine," Son said in Spanish. "Gordo has a lot of luck and wants to live."

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